• IR-Protect

    We augment security camera systems
    with intellegent technologies, to take
    action against criminals in real-time.

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We have decades of experience in video surveillance, and decades of experience in enterprise IT, operations, and security.

We have built a team to bring the best of surveillance automation technologies to bear on the hardest to solve problems. We have solutions to long standing security problems. We are exicted to bring our value to your organization. We can help. Let us show you what we can do.


Stop Retail Theft


Gesture recognition. We can use modern technology to actively observe your camera system and send small video clips to the people who matter when something is taken and placed into a bag or pocket. Take back the control. Reduce your shrinkage. Make your business better.

Virtual Security Guard


Lets make your existing camera systems a active part of your security posture. We can stop theft in its tracks by seeing a person where they don't belong and then have a security professional on-line in 3-4 seconds, communicating your wishes audibly to the person 24 hours a day.

Video Surveillance Trailers


Secure your construction site or event againt threats and protect your equipment. We use sophisticated camera systems and AI to not only deter, but command action against bad actors.



You need our machine learning systems, the smartest and most advanced security system in the market. Our platform is powered by artificial intelligence that can detect, identify, and alert you of any suspicious activity. You can access your system from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. We take care of everything, from installation to configuring to monitoring. We are a new business that is excited to help you make your business better, safer, and more profitable.
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